Free Write

Free Write 2-21-17

I am Infinite, abounding with grounded wisdom, growing from my roots.

Deep within the core, the molten center.

Glowing, charged, guided and held by the forces of nature. The force of Source.

Fall deeper, rise higher.

Greeting each shift and change with reverence.

Let every moment be a lesson.

Engage with your path for you are the orchestrator, the creator the one, the all. We are everything and everything is us.

 I am we and we are me.

Floating eternally in this cosmic sea of mystery. Come with me so we may all see the beauty.

Let us walk with beauty on the mother, honoring the balance.

Only darkness guides the shadow, only light shines on the truth.

All is sacred.

All is to be honored.

Our paths are aligned in a cosmic web of connection.

Let go.

Let your silver string of destiny pull you through this universal dance.

This life you are living is the dream.

All is available, just open your eye and see, sense, feel what it is that is calling You.

~Sofie Lynn